The Insider Threat: Protecting Information Assets Through Data Stewardship and Continuous Risk Monitoring


Study after study demonstrates that negligent and malicious insiders – employees, contractors, and other business partners – are the No. 1 threat to an organization's information assets.

This “insider threat” is as much a “people problem” as it is an IT problem.

Insider threat reduction programs are increasingly becoming legal and contractual requirements, especially for government contractors, pursuant to the Defense Department's recent (Conforming Change 2) amendments to the NISPOM.

If you're a government contractor with cleared employees, watch our complimentary webinar to learn how HR professionals, in-house employment counsel and information security personnel can:

[fa icon="chevron-circle-right"]   Identify, respond to and prevent insider threats

[fa icon="chevron-circle-right"]   Develop a culture of data stewardship

[fa icon="chevron-circle-right"]   Implement practical prevention recommendations

[fa icon="chevron-circle-right"]   Enhance training, policies and process